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Now that you've seen (and loved!) the video,

you can own the audio! (What-WHAT!?)

Just click on "Single $1.00 on the player below and you can use your handy-dandy credit card to download your very own audio track of Manifest!


Check out what our dear friend Rob Wendland had to say about "Manifest." I think he nails it very eloquently. Thanks for your unwavering support my brother!


Dig this! An anthem for the times, to be sure. Incredible playing all around. From John's outstanding direction to Stockton Helbing at the very beginning and killer playing throughout, not to mention some licks from Steve Wiest and Frank David Greene that caused my mask to leave my face and blow me dangerously close to a lack of proper social distancing! Great job by all..Lisa Dodd Watts, Shelley Carrol, Art Bouton, Ryan Davidson, Brad Leali, Eduardo Bijoux Barbosa and Eric Gunnison, all mixed to perfection by Phil Bulla! This album is going to be another must have for all and a great

compliment to the Red album!



Vinyl Hampdin Releases MANIFEST From The Upcoming Project BLUE!

As part of the art world's efforts to keep the music alive and pumpin' during this pandemic, the NEW line-up of Vinyl Hampdin just released a remote-recording of a NEW piece of music that will be on our next album BLUE. The tune is an original titled "Manifest" AKA: "Believe in something so strongly that it actually happens" like love, good things and prosperity... to name just a few :)

MANIFEST. A song of hope and joy when we need one the most!


The New Vinyl Hampdin is:

Lisa Dodd Watts: Vocals

Ryan Davidson: Guitars

Eric Gunnison: Keyboards

Eduardo "Bijoux" Barbosa: Bass

Stockton Helbing: Drums

Frank David Greene: Trumpet

Brad Leali: Alto Sax

Shelley Carrol: Tenor Sax

Art Bouton: Bari Sax

Steve Wiest: Trombone/Composer-Arranger

Phil Bulla: Engineer

Check out our new bass player,
Bijoux Barbosa in the vid below!
Solo at the 2:03 mark.
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Contact: Steve Wiest (Leader, Vinyl Hampdin)

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