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Here's our newest track "Manifest"
included on our second album BLUE!

VINYL VIDEOS  Scroll through! See all the vids from our first album RED!

The Road's My Middle Name

The Bonnie Raitt classic!  All done up in NOLA second line style! DIG!!!

One Song

What would the Earth sing to us if she had just one song? Check out this video to find out. Inspired by Carl Sagan's epic "Pale Blue Dot" this rock anthem speaks about our responsibility to take care of our one and only home.

Pay For It

Musicians in the 21st Century work SO hard and spend SO much to create their content. Should they then give away their music for free? NO! Folks should PAY for it!!! Therefore, enjoy this free video! (HEY! Waidaminit!)

I Just Want To Celebrate

Here is our take on the classic Rare Earth song!  LOTS of trombone stuff, LOTS of high trumpet, Woo-Hoo!


Hot dogs, cold beer, root-root-root-for the home team! Oh no, you were ahead, suddenly it's tied! Extra innings! I can't STAND it! This is baseball, this is Living on the Diamonds!


During these trying, unusual and polarized times, there are BILLIONS who are lost. BILLIONS who are angry and misunderstood. LOVE is always better! Give it a try and give Billions a listen...


SUPER funky, SUPER timely, and SUPER true. Gottaluvit Y'all!


One of our ALL-TIME favorite Stevie Wonder classics. We give it a Vinyl Hampdin twist and we hope that you dig it! You dig?

FLowers on The Wall

A high-octane cray-cray version of the  Lew DeWitt/Statler Brothers classic that features a "drop bass" section, an AMAZING solo by Ryan on guitar and an F# ABOVE Dubba C by Frank. What's not to like?

My Love

Sir Paul's great homage to his love Linda gets an R&B twist here with a pinch of T.O.P. and Count Basie thrown in for good measure. One of the world's greatest love songs!

Use Me

The beloved classic from the late-great Bill Withers gets the Vinyl treatment. A nice Joe Cocker-style piano groove sets the mood and Lisa seals the deal! Keep on usin' us folks!

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