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After the success of our first COVID remote recording "Manifest" all of us Vinylians got stoked to do the entire project this way! That means that our second album titled BLUE will be recorded completely remote and then mixed by the genius of multiple Grammy Award-Nominee Phil Bulla. 

Why go remote? Well, with the pandemic raging around the world, we won't be able to get into a studio in person safely and properly until late 2021. With the music we have ready and the current line up of over-the-top jaw-dropping virtuosos in this band ready to ROCK...late 2021 just won't do! As we say in Manifest: 

"What do we want?" PATIENCE! "When do we want it?" NOW!

So, we want to get this music recorded and out to YOU ASAP. It's time to feel good, to be thoughtful, to be thankful, to enjoy life, and a NEW heapin'-helpin' of Vinyl Hampdin is just the thing to make that happen.

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